Tuition & Value

Education is an investment...

Nichols tuition ranges from $23,900 to $25,700, however, the average cost of educating a Nichols student is higher, approximately $27,500. The resulting gap is closed by revenue from the endowment and generous gifts to The Nichols Fund, which faculty, alumni, students, parents and friends help support each year.

Why is tuition what it is?

  • We are committed to attracting and retaining faculty of the highest caliber and providing them with professional development.
  • We are committed to maintaining the unparalleled facilities on our 30-acre campus.
  • We are committed to small class sizes and individual experiences.
  • We are committed to offering a wide scope of programming:
    • 60 different sports teams
    • 4 modern and classical languages
    • 45 student clubs
    • 3 international exchange opportunities
    • School-wide community service projects
    • College Counseling with personal attention

We believe deeply that a Nichols education is an investment in your child and our future as a School. We are dedicated to attracting students from a broad range of economic backgrounds and to ensuring that a Nichols education is available to families regardless of their ability to pay. Assistance is offered through several vehicles, including different payment plans, financial aid and merit scholarships.

Tuition Costs

for the
2020-21 School Year


5-8 $23,900
9 $24,950
10-12 $25,700


Additional Expenses

The tuition fee is inclusive and covers a healthy daily lunch, instructional programs, some sports participation fee/athletic uniforms, technology, studio and laboratory fees, and graduation fees. Other additional expenses include books, field trips and personal athletic equipment, which we estimate at an additional $500-$800.

Payment options

APay tuition in full by late June (1% discount)
BAn interest free two payment plan
CAn interest free nine payment plan


Your Tuition Solution (, by Springstone Financial LLC, offers 24-84 month extended payment plans. For more information, call 1-800-920-9777 and one of the financing advisors will be happy to assist you.