Visual Arts

The visual arts at Nichols are a place for students to make and learn about themselves and their community, through a process of synthesizing and deepening concepts from all academic areas.

The active art studio spaces at Nichols challenge students to create with a variety of a tools such as digital and analog cameras, painting and drawing studios, a computer lab and a darkroom, sewing machines, potters’ wheels, digital plotters, and a photography studio.

Our entire curriculum from grades 5 to 12 is taught through the lens of contemporary artists, which celebrates self-expression, personal identity and curiosity in the arts. Self-reflection and self-assessment are nurtured in all of our art classes by asking students to critique artwork, participate in individual portfolio reviews, presentations, and school-wide exhibitions.

Students curate gallery spaces, performances, and a neighborhood movie theatre that bring the visual arts to the forefront of the school culture by engaging the wider school community.

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