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The Nichols Fund plays a crucial role in enriching the lives of the students and faculty of Nichols School, generating 10 percent of the school’s annual operating budget. Without this essential funding, the school would have to draw from the endowment principal, eroding the long-term financial stability of the institution.

Gifts made to the Nichols Fund, which includes the Parent Fund, directly impact the school today. Your gifts help sustain all areas of the school including faculty salaries, academic and extracurricular programs, financial aid, and building operations. Over 1,800 alumni, parents, faculty and staff contributed a record total of $1.3 million to the 2021-22 Nichols Fund – a testament to the passion and commitment of the Nichols community.

Each and every gift to the Nichols Fund helps to maintain the financial stability of the institution. This year, we hope you’ll consider investing in the future of Nichols with your own gift to the Nichols Fund. All gifts, regardless of the size, help ensure each and every student has an exceptional learning experience in the classroom, on stage and on the playing field, and in the community.

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  • Leadership Giving

    The Nichols Fund Leadership Giving Societies are the most prestigious annual recognition clubs for alumni, parents, grandparents and friends of the school. Established to acknowledge our most generous donors, the societies honor members who give annual financial support to ensure that the school continues to thrive well into the 21st century.

    When you support the Nichols Fund, you reaffirm your devotion to the ongoing legacy of Nichols School and ensure a promising future for generations of our students.

    Membership into the Leadership Giving Societies earns not only our sincere thanks, but our offer to connect you even more deeply to the life of our remarkable Nichols community.

    The Head of School and the Board of Trustees salute the members of each year’s Leadership Giving Societies and thank them for making Nichols a philanthropic priority. This group’s gifts have accounted for nearly 80 percent of the Nichols Fund's total dollars in recent years.

    Founders' Club
    $20,000 and above
    Trustee Club
    $10,000 to $19,999

    John J. Albright Club
    $5,000 to $9,999

    George A. Mitchell Club
    $3,000 to $4,999

    1250 Club
    $1,250 to $2,999
  • The Parent Fund

    The Parent Fund is an essential component of the Nichols Fund. The Parent Fund helps to sustain the school’s tradition of excellence and learning while providing an opportunity for Nichols parents to make a positive impact together as members of the Nichols community.

    Gifts to the Parent Fund are investments in all of the academic and extracurricular programs Nichols offers our students each year. Nichols School continues to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students not only in the classroom, but on the stage, in the labs, on the playing fields, and in our community. Parent support is critical to sustaining the unique benefits of a Nichols education:

    • An 8:1 student-teacher ratio with a typical class size of 14 students.
    • A community that includes over 50 different villages and cities in Western New York, nationally, and internationally.
    • A robust athletics and arts program, offering 58 athletic teams, four instrumental and vocal ensembles, and three theatrical productions per year.
    • A vibrant student life and community service program, offering over 45 clubs and 20 school-wide local service opportunities.

    Parent Participation – Every Gift Matters!

    Every contribution to the Parent Fund has an immediate impact on the lives of our students and all members of the Nichols community. Participation builds a strong and critical base of donors, and it builds momentum that inspires others to give. Parents are more likely to make a gift if a significant number of their peers are contributing. Participation is an expression of confidence in the mission and vision of Nichols School.

    Supporting the Parent Fund sends a powerful message that you believe in our educational programs and future of the school, regardless of the dollar amount. Smaller but consistent gifts make a key difference in our ability to attract the most talented students without regard for their financial circumstances, retain the best faculty, and allows us to offer exceptional athletics, arts, and extracurricular programs.

    The Parent Fund supports all things needed to build the solid foundation our students need to be successful at Nichols School.
  • Parent Fund FAQs

    What should I expect?
    All current parents are solicited for the Nichols Fund, as are grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff, and friends of the school. Each year Nichols aims for 100 percent participation from all constituencies. Gifts of any amount are appreciated and vital to the fiscal health of the school.

    Why are we asked to give money when we already pay tuition?
    Nichols School has three basic means of financial support: tuition, endowment income, and individual contributions. Tuition at Nichols covers 70 percent of each student’s education; we rely on the generosity of our parents, alumni, and friends to help bridge the gap. The Parent Fund helps to ensure that each Nichols student receives an extraordinary educational experience both in and out of the classroom.

    Why does the school operate with a gap between the real cost and what it charges?
    The gap helps to moderate tuition increases and allows current families to make up the difference in cost with tax-deductible donations. The gap also offers an opportunity for other constituencies within the Nichols community to make charitable contributions.

    What are the ramifications of not supporting the Nichols Fund?
    Since the Parent Fund helps to cover the cost of operating the School, lack of Parent Fund support may deprive students of essential education programs or the best possible teachers. In order to sustain Nichols School’s commitment to academic excellence, it is imperative that the school maintain a robust annual giving program.
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