Athletic Hall of Fame

The Nichols School Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the quality and tradition of Nichols School athletics. Student athletes, coaches, managers, and administrators will all be eligible for selection into the Hall of Fame. Athletes and managers will first become eligible upon the tenth anniversary of the end of their final year at Nichols. Coaches and administrators will first become eligible upon their retirement from their primary sport.

While not exclusive, the following attributes should be principle factors in making appropriate selections for induction into the Hall of Fame:

List of 6 items.

  • 1. Sportsmanship

    The display of good sportsmanship in victory or defeat is a quality that has been valued highly by the Nichols athletic tradition. Good sportsmanship reflects grace, consideration for fellow athletes, and an important sense of perspective about the outcome of the athletic contest.
  • 2. Athletic Excellence

    The possession of natural athletic talent and skill is to be admired. However, it is the presence of such talent in combination with desire, hard work, and determination that leads to exceptional and memorable performances that create new standards for determining athletic excellence. While the demonstration of athletic excellence as a Nichols student is the primary focus, consideration should also be given to ongoing performance after leaving Nichols.
  • 3. Versatility

    Despite the trend in the modern athletic era toward specialization, the Nichols athletic tradition still values the versatility and perspective of the multi-sport athlete. The athlete who participates in more than one sport displays broader athletic abilities as well as a general affection for athletic competition.
  • 4. Character

    Character is difficult to define in the abstract but easy to identify in practice. The Nichols community seeks to foster character in its students through maturity, commitment, unselfishness, and perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • 5. Leadership

    Whether by example or by enthusiastic encouragement, leadership is a necessary component of any successful athletic team. The development of leadership talents on the Nichols playing fields has provided many Nichols students with a sense of responsibility and a willingness to lead later in life.
  • 6. Commitment

    Commitment to excellence, to teammates, to Nichols, and finally to oneself demonstrates strong will and determination. Such commitment reflects an understanding of the overall value of the Nichols athletic and academic experience and engenders a desire to support and perpetuate the Nichols experience for the benefit of future generations.

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