Campus Life

The Nichols Community

Encouraging Community

Our campus is like a vibrant neighborhood all its own. It’s an energetic, comfortable and safe environment where students, teachers and coaches engage and interact inside and outside the classroom to build a rich, unique sense of community. The level of on-campus independence granted to students is carefully gauged to suit their age and level of development. Campus life at Nichols is modeled after a healthy home life: it’s a secure and nurturing place for children to be children, and as they grow, they are offered appropriately greater levels of freedom that enhance their learning experiences by building more confidence. Whether in class, at play, sharing a meal in the dining commons, or just sitting in a quiet spot talking with a friend, the campus is a place where students share feelings of familiarity, trust and belonging. Plus with over 35 student organizations, 20 varsity sports, three international exchange programs and leading-edge programs in music, dance, theatre and art, students of all ages have countless opportunities to explore and enrich themselves every day.

About Us

Nichols School is a nationally recognized college preparatory coed independent school with a 130-year history.
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