Welcome from the Head of School

On behalf of the Nichols School community, welcome to our website. I hope that you will take some time to interact with these pages and become better acquainted with this remarkable school. There is a great deal of information on this site, so visit it often to stay informed about campus news.

To get you started, there are a few things I want you to know about Nichols School. We are a rigorous, independent day school with a proud history of educating the whole child. We believe in our students, and, as a faculty and staff, we conduct our work with their best interest in mind. It is the quality of our people and the quality of our relationships that give us meaning and purpose, and, as a result, we are a strong community, both inside and out. But you need to visit our campus and see us in action. Our mission compels us to “train minds, bodies and hearts for the work of life, and to carry into all we do the highest ideals of character and service,” so we have a great deal to live up to as a faculty and staff. Quite literally, we are shaping the future by acting and doing well in the moment. And by modeling the way, we are in a unique position to support our students.I hope you enjoy our website and please do visit us soon.

With the highest regard for your interest in us,

Bill Clough
Head of School

Our aim is to train minds, bodies and hearts for the work of life, and to carry into all we do the highest ideals of character and service.

Fast facts
Average Class Size: 14
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1
Acres: 30
Founded: 1892
Average Enrollment: 555
Boy/Girl Ratio: 50% / 50%
Endowment: $30 million
AP Classes: 20

Pursuit of Excellence
At Nichols, inspired teachers and students are committed to a quality standard of learning and achievement in all aspects of school life.

Integrity of Character
Our community strives to cultivate each student's sense of responsibility, compassion, honesty, and self-discipline, producing confident and ethical young people.

Tradition and Change
Grounded in the wisdom of the past, we stimulate adaptive and innovative abilities to prepare our students for the future.

Rigor and Balance
Our challenging expectations and structured environment bring out potential. Each student is encouraged to find the balance among academic, artistic, athletic and extra-curricular involvements.

Diverse Community
Nichols School reflects the region's neighborhoods and the wider world, building mutual respect and understanding. In our daily school life, we strive to be a caring community for each individual.