International Students

Tuition for International Students

Tuition and Fees for the 2024-2025 School Year

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  • Total

  • Tuition & Fees Breakdown

    • Tuition: $30,450*
    • International student fees: $7,000
      • Gift income paid to host family: $3,000
        • The host family your child will live with receives a tuition credit in the form of gift income paid by the natural family. This helps support the family beyond the monthly stipend (homestay fee) provided by our international agency partner.
      • Academic tutoring support: $1,500
        • Instruction through a private tutor, arranged by the School, is required for an international student during his/her first year at Nichols. After the first year, the student must be approved by the Academic Review Committee for each year the student attends Nichols in order to determine the level of support required. If deemed necessary thereafter, the tuition will continue to include the $1,500 fee. Unused dollars are non-refundable. Tutoring required beyond the $1,500 fee will be charged to the student’s family in addition to tuition. One exception to this fee exists: When English is the student's first language and the student will not require academic tutoring support, the Admissions Office will waive the fee.
      • Books and miscellaneous: $2,500
        • Of this, $2,000 is designated toward bookstore expenses. Unused dollars for books are non-refundable. Book costs beyond the $2,000 will be charged to the student’s family in addition to tuition. The remaining will cover activities designed especially for international students. The School and the International Students Coordinator provide programming.
  • Optional

    • Tuition refund plan: $393.23
    • Gift to the Nichols Fund: $2,500
  • Deposits

    • Deposit due: $10,000
    • Total due on June 1, 2024 (minus deposit): $27,450
    The amounts above must be paid by June 1, 2024, in order to process a student’s visa.
  • Additional Fees

    Agency fees are set through our partner organizations, Nacel Open Door and Cambridge / gphomestay, and must be discussed directly with our representatives at that organization.
* Note the tuition cost will rise proportionally with Nichols School student tuition as set per grade each school year. These figures are provided for the purpose of an example of what an international student’s family will pay for the present school year.

** Fees are nonnegotiable.

Support for Life Abroad

Nichols School has partnered with Goden Education InternationalThe Cambridge Network and Nacel Open Door to ensure the best possible international student program, including appropriate support of the student and host family. These programs prepare students for life abroad prior to arriving at the school. International student applicants are recommended to work with one of our partner organizations.


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