Apply to Nichols

I. Inquire

The first step in applying to Nichols School is to let us know that you are interested. Complete our online Inquiry Form or call the office at 716-332-6325.

II. Apply

A complete Nichols application includes the following:
  • Application for Admission
  • Student Interview
  • Teacher recommendation forms
  • Writing sample: a graded English or history paper from your child’s current school or an essay to be provided by the Admissions Office

Thank you for your interest in Nichols School! We are now on rolling admissions. As long as space remains available in a grade, we continue to take applications.


III. Student SHADOW & Interview

Our school campus is closed, but the admissions team is still available to meet virtually. A phone meeting, Skype interview or Zoom meeting is available. Please contact a member of the Admissions Office at to schedule today.

IV. Testing

Tests are not being held at this time. If your child has participated in any standardized testing, state testing or college preparatory testing, please provide that and it will be waived in lieu of the admissions test for now. If you do not have any of these test results available, we will be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

V. Parent Visit

A parent meeting, Skype interview or Zoom meeting is available in place of an in-person visit to campus. Please contact a member of the Admissions Office at to schedule today. 

VI. Wait Pool

After the initial Jan. 17 application deadline, the Admissions Office continues to process applications and mail decisions for each grade until that grade is fully enrolled. As each grade becomes fully enrolled, a wait pool is established. Students in the wait pool are not assigned numerical priority. If space becomes available, students are selected from the wait pool by the Admissions Committee.