“Mirror of Matsuyama" Filmed on Nichols Campus

Nichols Alumni visited campus to film “Mirror of Matsuyama” with the help of Nichols students and faculty.

James Grachos ‘13 wrote and directed a short film entitled “Mirror of Matsuyama” inspired by the Japanese folk tale of the same name. This contemporary, poetic adaptation follows a high school-aged boy through his waking life and lucid dreams as he struggles to process the recent passing of his mother. Actor and director Elizabeth Cappuccino ‘13 served as producer and Michael Thompson ’13 as Director of Photography.
"They assembled actors and a top-notch production team and film crew from WNY, NYC and LA. They were beyond generous in welcoming student participants into the mix as crew, speaking roles and extras. It was an amazing learning opportunity for all of us involved and an example of artistic collaboration at its finest. Their highly professional set was run with precision, creativity and kindness, and it was inspiring to see our campus become their canvas. We’re excited to see the final cut and we wish James, Elizabeth and Michael much success in the independent film festival circuit. It’s going to be beautiful!" - Kristen Kelley
Nichols reps:
Film Interns: Henry Chambers, Tommy Maidment (also production photos), and Liam Stine
Actor in the role of Elle: Trinity Chatwood
Actor in the role of Melanie and pre-production assistance: Kristen Kelley
Extras: Kate Coburn, Ethan Jaffri, Bri Hiller, Henry Chambers, Tommy Maidment, and Liam Stine
Film Intern Co-Ordinator: Andrea Mancuso

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