Nichols School Joins Western New York 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Nichols School faculty and staff are participating in the Western New York 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge, presented by the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County. 

This email series takes participants on a 21-day journey of learning and self-discovery that aims to develop more effective social justice habits around issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership. Over 60 local community partners proposed, vetted, and selected the content that will be used in this regional Challenge. 

Members of the Nichols community can join and participate for free. Click here to learn more and join the 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge.

Below, you can read each of the daily emails in this series. Thank you for joining us in this work!

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge
DAY 1: Race and Equity
DAY 2: Exploring Bias
DAY 3: The Meaning of Privilege
DAY 4: Talking About Race
DAY 5: Levels of Racism
DAY 6: Trauma to Healing
DAY 7: White Fragility
DAY 8: Opportunity and Segregation in Western New York
DAY 9: Housing Inequity
DAY 10: The Racial Wealth Gap
DAY 11: How Race Affects Your Health
DAY 12: Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes
DAY 13: Early Childhood
DAY 14: Education and School-Aged Children
DAY 15: Immigrants and Refugees
DAY 16: Equity and the LGBTQI+ Community
DAY 17: Building a Race Equity Culture
DAY 18: Being an Ally
DAY 19: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process
DAY 20: Final Reflections
DAY 21: Take Action in WNY