International Enrollment

Upon notification of acceptance to Nichols School, complete the following if you choose to attend.

1. Submit $5,000 Deposit: The non-refundable deposit is required of all students who plan to enroll to Nichols. You can send a money order or check payable to Nichols School.

2. Submit the Enrollment Agreement: This, along with the $5,000 deposit, secures your enrollment to Nichols. Upon enrollment, Nichols will generate and mail an I-20 form to you.

3. Obtain F-1 Student Visa: Upon receipt of the I-20 form from Nichols, you must present the I-20, along with any other required documents, to a U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country in order to apply for a student visa. Most consulates and embassies have detailed information about this procedure on their websites. We suggest you apply for your visa as soon as you receive your I-20, since the application process may take several weeks.