Nichols’ Middle School Performing and Visual Arts Curriculum encourages students to observe, envision, reflect, express, stretch and explore the myriad ways they interpret and understand the world we live in and their place within it. We explore how the arts link us to our past and present as well as how the arts are a powerful means for communication and personal expression.

The Middle School arts curriculum is as unique as it is diverse. Students are introduced to a myriad of topics categorized into four units: general music and chorus, visual arts, theatre and computer technology. Each grade level participates in all four units throughout the year, maximizing their familiarity with the subjects.

A wide range of projects and activities are designed to allow students the opportunity to develop their critical and creative thinking and craft in a safe environment that fosters risk-taking and experimentation. Numerous hands-on activities and interactive presentations/discussions about art and artists in the studio, local galleries, museums, and theaters, provide opportunities for students to become truly engaged in learning about art.

A rotating exhibit of students’ process and product grace the halls of our building year round and the year culminates to a Middle School Exhibition showcasing work by the entire student body. Additionally, students have an opportunity to join Art Club for further explorations.

Arts Faculty

Kari Achatz

Titles: MS Visual Arts

Amanda Besl

Titles: US Visual Arts

Jessica Block

Titles: Choir Director, Upper School Music Teacher

Bryan Eckenrode

Titles: MS Orchestra

Elaine Gardner

Titles: US/MS Dance

Kristen Kelley

Titles: US Theatre

Andrea Mancuso

Titles: US Visual Arts, Department Chair

Mary Kate Morrow

Titles: MS Music

Kate Olena

Titles: MS Theatre

Cory Shelton

Titles: Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher, Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher

Curt Steinzor

Titles: Technical Director, Flickinger Performing Arts Center