The Upper School offers a freshman wellness program. Each co-educational wellness class meets one day out of the seven day rotation of classes for 40 minutes.

We are proud of our age appropriate and current cutting edge curriculum. The curriculum is broken down into four units covering the following topics:
Balance - Nutrition/fitness, stress management, yoga, and life at Nichols
Mental Health - Depression, anxiety, body image, eating disorders
Substance use and abuse - Alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, steroids
Sexuality - Sexual transmitted diseases, healthy relationships, rape and sexual orientation

The focus of the program is to inform students about these issues so they can make the best choices for themselves, as well make sure they are aware of their resources on and off campus. In addition to our instructors, speakers from community agencies and videos are used as teaching tools.


Ms. Danielle Vallas

Class of '95
Titles: Mental Health Counselor