Modern & Classical Languages

We believe language study allows us to go beyond ourselves to experience the new and different, and to courageously confront and surpass personal limitations. Learning a new language nurtures adaptability and openness. Through the medium of language, students come to know and appreciate the richness of other cultures in our increasingly interdependent world. By encouraging the free exchange of ideas, the development of articulate expression, and the incorporation of both contemporary and time-tested thinking in other languages, we help equip our students to learn from the past, to participate in the complex world of today, and to shape the future. Our exchange programs offer immersion experiences each year in Spanish, French and Chinese.

We teach foreign languages in order to bring to our students the intellectual, personal, and cultural benefits of learning new means of communication. Students, in learning a language, come to understand the structure underlying all language, including their own. Language study increases mental agility and leads to growth in one's powers of reasoning, memory, and creative thinking.


Frances Antoniadis

Titles: MS Latin

Dr. Laura Arribas-Tome

Titles: US Foreign Language

Mrs. Kerry Bennett

Titles: III Form Dean

Benjamin Gerhardt

Titles: US Spanish

Mr. Ronald Montesano

Titles: US Spanish

Jean Luc Ngoma

Titles: US French

Rebeca Redondo

Titles: MS Spanish

Bella Stack

Titles: US Spanish

Nicholas Swift

Titles: US Latin

Rong Yan

Titles: MS Chinese

Yajie Zhang

Titles: US/MS Mandarin Chinese Global Horizons