Rich in content and steeped in current scholarship, the Upper School history curriculum seeks to teach students to develop in themselves the intellectual tools used by historians to analyze the world around them. In discussion-based classrooms students will wrestle with the primary sources of historical inquiry and will become proficient at formulating a thesis and defending it with evidence both orally and in formal, persuasive writing. We offer a wide array of AP level courses including World History, United States History, Micro and Macro Economics, Comparative and American Government, and Psychology.

Our history teachers seek ways to connect students to the world beyond Nichols campus: Service and Social Justice, along with Entrepreneurial Studies give students the opportunity to engage with people passionate about their fields in and around the city of Buffalo.


Mrs. Margaret Auerbach

Class of '99
Titles: Assistant Director, US History

Mr. James Cammarata

Titles: MS History

Mr. Russell Combs

Titles: US Dean of Students

Ms. Caitlin Crowell

Titles: US History

Mr. Thomas Franz

Titles: IV Form Dean

Mr. F. Greene III

Titles: US History

Sarah Jacobson

Titles: Upper School English Teacher, Upper School History Teacher

Mr. Daniel Nolan

Titles: MS History

Mr. Kevin Powers

Titles: US History

Mrs. Christine Roach

Titles: MS History

Susannah Wales

Titles: Upper School History Teacher