Upper School Arts

All students participate in the fine and performing arts. We believe a profound understanding of the arts is essential to a complete education. We gain this understanding from hands on involvement in the creative process. In addition to offering students formal instruction in the arts, extracurricular activities are available in theatre, music, visual arts, and dance.

Arts Faculty

Kari Achatz

Titles: MS Visual Arts

Amanda Besl

Titles: US Visual Arts

Jessica Block

Titles: Choir Director, Upper School Music Teacher

Bryan Eckenrode

Titles: MS Orchestra

Elaine Gardner

Titles: US/MS Dance

Kristen Kelley

Titles: US Theatre

Andrea Mancuso

Titles: US Visual Arts, Department Chair

Mary Kate Morrow

Titles: MS Music

Kate Olena

Titles: MS Theatre

Cory Shelton

Titles: Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher, Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher

Curt Steinzor

Titles: Technical Director, Flickinger Performing Arts Center