Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School!

When you walk through the halls here, the energy is palpable. Students and faculty engage in learning in labs, art studios, classrooms, the dining hall, the library, the stage, the dance studio, the turf, the courts and the ice. We believe our students have an important voice in everything we do here, and we work deliberately to provide leadership opportunities for all who are interested, and to spark that interest in everyone.

In addition to traditional leadership roles as team captains, club heads, and student council representatives, Nichols students participate in decisions about policies that impact them: the faculty hiring process, and our student discipline process. Our young men and women don't hesitate to speak their minds. We encourage critical examination in our classrooms, and value that same critical examination of what we do here.Together we work each day to create something extraordinary and to foster the confidence that will empower our students to achieve and learn long after they have graduated.

The Upper School is the perfect balance between small school intimacy seen in our average class size of 14 and the vast array of offerings that larger schools can provide. Our students have 20 Advanced Placement courses available, over 40 clubs, four academic teams, dozens of service opportunities, multiple performances throughout the year, and more than 20 athletic teams.

How are we able to offer so much variety and still remain small enough to truly know each student? Our students all participate in multiple electives and activities. We need them to do that in order for these classes, concerts, service opportunities, and teams to remain viable. No one comes to the Upper School to sit on the side lines. If you are here, you are engaged, you are challenged, and you are supported.