The History Department seeks to equip students with a broad intellectual framework that encompasses local, national and world history. Moreover, it is imperative in today’s competitive environment to foster skills that will be valuable not only in studying history, but also in many other disciplines or walks of life.

To this end students are taught to understand causation and historical change; appreciate historical evidence and be able to analyze it critically; understand historical concepts; be able to empathize with people living in other situations; develop research skills; apply historical understanding to contemporary issues; be willing to listen to and learn from fellow class members; and be able to develop and defend an intellectual position and express one’s ideas in a lucid, cogent fashion both orally and in writing. Students will have numerous opportunities to develop the required skills with class presentations, defenses of research papers and daily participation in discussion-based classrooms.

Our courses view history not only through the traditional prisms of politics and economics, but also through developments in art, science, technology, religion and literature. In an effort to develop skills of research analysis, judgment, argument and writing, we embrace inter-disciplinary approaches to learning. Our extensive digital research library puts countless primary and secondary sources at their fingertips.

The study of history at Nichols is an interactive experience. Students will have the opportunity to engage with faculty members who have studied extensively in their discipline and are committed to the intellectual development of every student.


Mrs. Margaret Auerbach

Class of '99
Titles: Assistant Director, US History

Mr. James Cammarata

Titles: MS History

Mr. Russell Combs

Titles: US Dean of Students

Ms. Caitlin Crowell

Titles: US History

Mr. Thomas Franz

Titles: IV Form Dean

Mr. F. Greene III

Titles: US History

Sarah Jacobson

Titles: Upper School English Teacher, Upper School History Teacher

Mr. Daniel Nolan

Titles: MS History

Mr. Kevin Powers

Titles: US History

Mrs. Christine Roach

Titles: MS History

Susannah Wales

Titles: Upper School History Teacher