he Middle School English curriculum encourages students’ love of reading and writing and introduces and reinforces the skills students need in order to read critically and to express their thoughts effectively. Throughout their four years in the Middle School English program, students are exposed to the fundamentals of writing, reading, spelling and grammar, and they are expected to develop as analytical and thoughtful readers and writers. By the end of their 8th grade year, students will have been challenged to explore and analyze their reading, moving away from plot summaries to a deeper reading of the text. Eighth graders are exposed to a wide range of themes and literary terms (theme, symbol, tone, climax, irony, metaphor, simile, etc.) and are expected to be able to discuss them in class and in writing, as they become well prepared for our Upper School English program.


Dr. Dan Collins

Titles: US English

Larry Desautels

Titles: US English

Laura Errickson

Titles: US English

Sarah Jacobson

Titles: Upper School English Teacher, Upper School History Teacher

George Kloepfer

Titles: MS English

Julia Marthia

Titles: MS Learning Specialist

Dr. Laurie Ousley

Titles: US English

Mr. Roddy Potter III

Class of '82
Titles: US English

Charles Ptak

Titles: VI Form Dean

Ms. Deborah Regan Howe

Titles: MS English

Dr. Andrew Sutherland

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