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Your College Counselors will assist you with each step of your college search. We will help you define your goals, and answer questions about testing and application procedures. We will show you how and where to find information about colleges that meet your specifications. We are your liaison with College Admissions Offices. We greet the college representatives who visit Nichols, explain the Nichols curriculum, and advocate on behalf of individual applicants.

Our experience regarding admissions decisions, our records of decisions on past applicants, and the profiles colleges publish on their enrolled freshmen are available to you. In assessing the probable decision a specific college may make, we will not prohibit or dictate any application you make. Where you apply is your decision; whether you are accepted is the college’s decision. We would like to make certain that you will have several options after admission decisions are made.

We hope that you will visit this website often to explore the wealth of information included here. Up-to-date events calendars, step-by-step guidelines for students in each year of high school, newsletters geared specifically to seniors and their parents, comprehensive information regarding financing a college education and how to apply for financial aid, and numerous other topics are included within the site. As always, we encourage you to contact our office with any questions and the opportunity for continued dialogue.

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