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The Nichols School Board of Trustees and Head of School Search Committee announced today in a letter to the school community that the Board has unanimously accepted the Search Committee’s recommendation to appoint Christopher Burner as Nichols School’s 13th Head of School.

Burner currently serves as the Head of Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, a role he has held for ten years. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin and Marshall College, and he holds a Master of Education from Harvard University and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College.

“Chris has a deep commitment to academic excellence, to students in an independent school environment, and the mission of the school, which drives his activities and decisions,” wrote Nichols School Chair of the Board of Trustees Jeff Meyer and Nichols School Trustee and Chair of the Head of School Search Committee Kate Roach. “His experience as a teacher, coach and dormitory advisor permits Chris to relate to the duties of the faculty, as well as the life of a student.”

"I am thrilled to become Nichols’ next Head of School. We are excited to move to Buffalo and join the great Nichols community,” said Burner. “I look forward to the opportunity to move the school forward, strengthen it fiscally, and work collaboratively with students, faculty, alumni and parents. Most importantly, I want to help fulfill the school’s mission of preparing each student for the work of life and encouraging them to discover their true potential.”

Burner will succeed Nichols School’s current Head of School Bill Clough on July 1, 2019. Clough announced last spring that the 2018-19 school year would be his last at Nichols.

The Head of School search process began in May when the Board of Trustees hired George Conway of Independent Educational Services (IES) and his associate Peter Gillin of Diversified Search to serve as consultants. In total, they reviewed more than 70 candidates for the position. After multiple interviews and on-campus visits by three finalists, Burner emerged as the Search Committee's first choice. Ultimately, the Board determined that Burner’s “experience, training, leadership style, skill set and dedication to education made him the best candidate for Nichols’ 13th Head of School.”

“We are confident that Chris’ forward-thinking and innovative approach to learning will make him an effective Head of School and a worthy successor to Bill,” said Meyer and Roach.


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