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Welcoming All Parents!

As the parent or guardian of a Nichols student, you are a valued member of the Nichols School Parents’ Association. Your voice is important, and as a leadership team, we are both honored and grateful to be representing you for the 2020-2021 school year. 
The Parents’ Association is led by our Parents’ Council, made up of elected representatives including our Executive Leadership Team, two to three Grade Representatives per class year, and a team of At-Large Members. In preparation for the year ahead, the Parents’ Council has been reading The Power of Positive Leadership, by Jon Gordon. You will hear us reference themes from the book throughout the year as we embark on new ways of approaching our children’s educational and social environments and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. Positive Leadership is part of our culture and the theme that will drive us as we focus on the pillars of Leadership, Partnership, Enrichment, and Communication. 
Get involved! Whether you are a new or existing parent, our advice for the best experience possible is to get involved in whatever ways are most meaningful to you. Volunteering for a planned grade rep event, attending a parent coffee, listening in on a Zoom call, participating at Family Service Day, or donating a much-needed item for your class, are all ways to get to know one another, make new friendships and help to support the mission of the school. For more information about volunteering, please contact Stephanie Angelakos, Liaison to the Parents’ Association at or reach out to any member of our Executive Leadership Team!

The primary source of written communication for parents is through the Resources section of
MySchoolApp. Important health forms and all archived notices are also located in this section. If you have any challenges with your login, email Be sure that your email is current with the school so that you are in receipt of important correspondences throughout the year.  Other forms of communication include: 
  • Parent Newsletter (every Sunday evening from August-June)
  • Parents’ Association webpage on the Nichols website
  • Emails from your Grade Rep and Leadership Team
  • Important, time-sensitive messages from the school via email
  • Social media 
While we understand there will be uncertainty and change throughout the year, we look forward to approaching these challenging times together. By working together, we will make it a great year!

Julie A. Gicewicz P’14, ’15, ’19, ’21, President

Molly Boscarino, P’23, ‘27, Vice President
Erica West P’23, ’26, Correspondence & Records
Lisa Jackson P'12, '18, ’21, Liaison to the Office of Inclusivity and Community Building
Our Parents’ Council Mission is “To help parents navigate and engage in the Nichols journey through communication, education and community building. We achieve this by providing opportunities for as many parents as possible to participate in different ways (forums, enrichment programs, education programs, coffees, service events, Zoom calls), supporting an inclusive culture, helping the transition from Middle to Upper School, strengthening communication, and team building; all using technology to help where possible.”

In support of our Mission, the foundational themes of the coming year are Leadership, Enrichment, Partnership, and Communication, with each area being supported and integrated into the broad parent community through the guidance of the Parents’ Council.

Parents' Association Council for 2020-2021


List of 5 items.

  • President

    Julie A. Gicewicz P'14,'15,'19,'21
  • Vice President

    Molly Boscarino P'23,'27
  • Correspondence & Records

    Erica West P'23,'26
  • Liaison to Office of Inclusivity & Community Building

    Lisa Jackson P'12,'18,'21
  • Ex-Officio

    Brian and Samantha Stead-Dorval P'21

List of 2 items.

  • Grade Representatives

    • 5th Grade (Class of 2028) - Amat Fatimah, Leah Mills
    • 6th Grade (Class of 2027) - Jennifer Bernacki-Smith, Judi Vanura-Mathur
    • 7th Grade (Class of 2026) - Cheri Carter, Lisa Gelman-Koessler '93
    • 8th Grade (Class of 2025) - Carmen Fors '92, Delia Koeppen
    • 9th Grade (Class of 2024) - Kirsten Maidment, Danessia Scott-Warren
    • 10th Grade (Class of 2023) - Amy Bair, Dawn Zacher
    • 11th Grade (Class of 2022) - Cynthia Allen, Carolyn Coppola, Julie Plata
    • 12th Grade (Class of 2021) - Christine Meyo, Lillie Wiley-Upshaw
  • At-Large

    • Jessica Baird '92 P'21,'23
    • Priscilla Bennett P'23
    • Elizabeth Coburn P'22,'23,'25
    • Amanda Crotty P'23
    • Jackie Gurney P'19,'21
    • Jeannine Higgins P'21
    • Jamie Kelly P'23
    • Brenda Ricotta P'21,'24
    • Sharon Suchak P'25
    • Karen Taneff P'21
    • Anne Ward P'21,'23
    • Sarah Draper-Washington '08 P'26
    • Monica White P'23,'25
    • Darcy Zacher '88 P'12,'13,'20,'22,'22

Interested in Volunteering?

There are many ways to get involved at Nichols. Parents serve:
  • on the Parents' Council - Executive Council, Grade Rep or At-Large member
  • on committees that help facilitate our events including our Derby Day Auction
  • on the Parent Fund Leadership Team for the annual fund parent campaign
  • as a Parent Mentor for new families
  • as a Parent Ambassador for Admissions events
  • chaperone field trips in the Middle School
  • as a Library volunteer
  • help with the Book Fair
  • host an international student
Contact Stephanie Angelakos or 716.332.5154.

2021-2022 Parent Council Nominations

Parents' Association Volunteer Sign-Up Form

• Contact newly accepted/enrolled families to welcome them and answer any questions they may have.
• Be a Nichols Ambassador! Help with Admissions events throughout the year.
• Serve as a parent leader - Executive Council, Grade Rep, At-Large
• Help achieve Nichols Fund parent participation in your grade-level.
• Help organize our fun major fundraising event of the year!
• Open your home and heart to an international student for a long or short-term opportunity.

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