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Mary Sykes Retiring (Again!)

Three years ago, Mary Sykes re-joined the Nichols Community to lead the Chispa Scholarship Program in the Middle School. As Mary assumed leadership of this program, we knew she understood the Middle School, and the Nichols Community well.  This understanding, as well as her passion for working with students in this age group, resulted in the successful initiation and implementation of the Chispa Program.  Moreover, it was also simply nice to have Mary back on campus.
This year, Mary was joined by Holly Cercone in the leadership of this program.  Holly has made her own mark on the program and the Middle School.  After Mary’s long service to Nichols, and given Holly’s successful transition, Mary has decided to formally retire (again).  Holly will assume full leadership of the Chispa Program.
Rest assured, we will continue to see Mary on campus (she can’t stay away, fortunately!).  On behalf of the students and parents she served, we pass our thanks and appreciation on to Mary.  We also look forward to Holly’s continued leadership and growing impact on the Chispa Program and in the Middle School.

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