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One Act Play Festival

The Spring One-Act Play Festival will take place on Saturday, April 23rd at 7pm in the Flickinger Performing Arts Center. This hour-long program is free and open to the public and features eight original works that are written, directed and performed by Nichols Upper School Theater students. The theme “Beyond Reality” has inspired plays of all genres that take us through portals and time loops, delve into the subconscious, and launch us into Outer Space. We hope you’ll join us for an imaginative and fun night at the theater!
Stage Manager: Jasmine McPherson
Assistant Stage Manager: Ian Rupp
Light Board and Projections: Maddie Bace
Sound: Reese Posey
Run Crew: Say McPherson and Kendall Dorn
Cicadas by Allen Potter
Best friends meet on a grassy hill in rural America a couple of miles from town. The sky is dark and the stars are bright as they discuss life after graduation.
Director: Allen Potter
Jesse: Cate West
Max: Clare Ring
Look at the Laundry Basket by Clare Ring
A young girl is trying to go to bed after doing her homework and
gets stuck in a time loop horror story. 
Director: Clare Ring
Lucy: Rose Saperston
Tick: Molly Stewart
Dad: Ben Hiller
Lost by Faith Walh
A young girl is separated from her aunt in New York City after seeing a play called “Middletown.” She meets someone on the street and they help one another find their way.
Director: Faith Walh and Leyla Akil
Gus Marino: Allen Potter
Sweetheart: Kate Coburn
Portal by Molly Stewart
Two classmates meet by chance in the park when a portal to another dimension appears. 
Director: Will Rosen/Molly Stewart
Stella: Rose Saperston
Aurora: Clare Mooney
Return to Play by Julia Peters
Brooks, a student hockey player, suffers a terrible shoulder injury.  At home from the hospital, Brooks’ every thought and move are judged by an imaginary sports announcer. Brooks suffers to escape this taunting voice as he cannot play the sport he loves.
Director: Julia Peters
Brooks: Molly Stewart
Commentator: Clare Ring
The Future Unwinds by Cate West
A girl hitches a ride on a mystery van that takes her home through a psychedelic plane. Along the way, and through the guidance of the drivers, she learns the importance of decisions.
Director: Cate West
Tara: Alicia Green
Mira: Tremiya Giddens
Raj: Allen Potter
The Pale by Ben Hiller
An existentialist story which travels beyond the boundaries of our world to explore our identities within it. 
A cruise ship leaves port and hits the open ocean. As they sail away from shore, the passengers feel reality’s grip loosening as the sky melts away.
Director: Cate West/Ben Hiller assists
TRAVELER: Clare Ring
LOWRY: Kate Coburn
PASSENGER 2: Molly Stewart
BRIAN/BRI: Ben Hiller
OFFICER: Rose Saperston
HISTORIAN V.O.: Faith Wahl 
The Worlds Who Meet by Laura Franz
An alien observes the behavior of an earthling astronaut. 
Director: Laura Franz
Rune: Alicia Green
Jordan: Ian Rupp

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