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Top 10 Reasons Parents Chose Nichols School for Their Children

From grades 5 through 12, students across Western New York embark on eight formative years in school where they build the foundation for the rest of their lives. From the classroom to extracurricular programs and beyond, students have no shortage of opportunities to learn new skills, experience new activities, and grow new passions.

For families, choosing a private school comes down to finding a school where their children are encouraged to grow and supported from their first day to their commencement. At Nichols School, one of the leading private schools in Buffalo, each student has the ability to find their own path and discover their place in our community.

That sense of community and encouragement is just one of many reasons parents have chosen to send their children to Nichols School!

10. Dedicated and experienced faculty leading in the classroom

"The teachers are engaged with students in one-on-one learning and know where to push, when to praise, and how to get the most out of each learner. Advisors regularly call home to tell us how our sons are doing, offering both praise and honest appraisals of where they can improve." (Tom Chambers and Anne Ward P'21'23)

"We chose Nichols for our children because we feel it is the premier coeducational college prep school in Western New York. The educational level of the faculty and the teaching style stood out to us when making the choice to send our children to Nichols. Many of the faculty members have advanced, professional and doctorate-level degrees." (Danessia Scott-Warren and Chris Warren P'19'19'22'24)

9. Finding a sense of belonging at any age

"Our observation was that the children who had started their journey in the fifth grade had an innate understanding of the organization of their day, a history with the teachers, and a quiet comfort level of known expectations. This impacted our decision to enroll both of our girls in the fifth grade after our two sons started later in middle school." (Julie and Rich Gicewicz P'14'15'19'21)

"After joining Nichols this year, my ninth grader has already made many friends with athletes, artists, mathletes and writers, and my youngest greatly enjoyed his first winter trimester in the Middle School with hockey every day! They are very different boys, yet each feels equally seen and appreciated by what they bring to the community." (Jessica Block P'23'26)

8. Teachers who help students take ownership of their learning

"The Upper School does a great job making the students accountable for their success or failure. The teachers make themselves available to the students on a consistent basis. They teach each student to become their own advocate, something that is challenging to most teenagers, but an extremely valuable skill to have." (Liz Bares P'22'24)

7. Culture of extra help

"My children all believe there is a climate of respect among students and teachers. The small class size was very appealing to my daughter in particular. The idea of teachers being available to her for extra help if needed, or to talk, was a huge plus for her!" (Delia Koeppen P'23'25'26)

6. An all-in-one education

"My husband and I LOVE the idea that there are not any 'hidden' fees. The kids have a hockey game, field hockey or basketball game, and they play at school or Nichols provides the transportation. We do not have to worry about anything being outsourced." (Delia Koeppen P'23'25'26)

5. An athletics program that prepares student-athletes for collegiate excellence

"Many faculty members are coaches who have an equal interest in your child's dreams of playing at the next level – and they help develop the academic prowess to make it a reality. All of this is accompanied by the support of an advisor who is with you every step of the way, a College Counseling team who takes a personal interest in your child discovering their best college fit, and a wellness team with on-site counselors who are just as interested in your child's mental health as their physical well-being." (Julie and Rich Gicewicz P'14'15'19'21)

4. Discovering new passions at any age

"My son in 7th grade was interested in the sports, daily physical education, and hockey. Since being at Nichols, he has fostered a love for history. He takes an active interest in school and now he is being challenged each day." (Delia Koeppen P'23'25'26)

3. A superior academic experience

"The rigorous academics and course offerings, like languages and advanced math beginning in 5th grade, coupled with daily sports and a strong emphasis on the arts, were not available in our public school and made Nichols the right fit for our daughters.

"Enthusiastic teachers have wide latitude to cover topics that interest a class, and to go deeply into the material. Advisors make their small student groups feel like a family. Coaches give so much of their time and expertise. Expectations for students are high, but teachers are there to help students meet them." (Erica West P'23'26)

"We are both educators and value reading, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and in-depth analysis of essential texts. Nichols has students in middle school reading literature--not magazine articles or excerpts from trendy Young Adult fiction--that engage and challenge them. The mathematics and science courses are far ahead of where our neighbors' children are studying." (Tom Chambers and Anne Ward P'21'23)

2. Unconditional encouragement and support from an engaged community

"When our children were accepted to Nichols, we now realize it was an invitation. An invitation to join a group of families who all value education as their top priority, who act in stewardship to maintain the school's long traditions while trying new ideas. The academic opportunities for our children are limitless. This community of caring faculty want your child to succeed, and this care comes in many forms." (Julie and Rich Gicewicz P'14'15'19'21)

"Nichols is a supportive community. Our children have played varsity soccer, basketball, squash, golf and lacrosse. Nichols affords their students the opportunity to be scholar-athletes and shine in the classroom and on the fields and courts. Everyone supports the students in their own way. Many times you will see faculty and staff at Nichols games - the Head of School, teachers, facilities workers and dining staff join parents, alumni, and students at all of the sporting events. They take pride in the effort given by all the students." (Danessia Scott-Warren and Chris Warren P'19'19'22'24)

1. Preparing young minds for the next stages of life

"The teachers also do a great job of preparing the students for college. As we have seen this year, our twins were more than prepared for the rigors of a pre-med program in college." (Danessia Scott-Warren and Chris Warren P'19'19'22'24)

"As a mom, I was blown away; these are the kind of young adults I want my own children to become - at once confident, kind, comfortable in their own skin, and motivated to 'do the work of life,' I noticed these kids smile genuinely and often." (Jessica Block P'23'26)

"The greatest growth we've seen has been in maturity. Our sons can discuss the news, offer opinions on books they're reading, analyze information and solve problems beyond what most teenagers can do. And they look adults in the eye, shake their hand, and have a quiet, respectful confidence that belies their age. Nichols is making our sons into young men who aren't afraid to be smart, yet can also hit a baseball or hang with their friends effortlessly. They make us proud on a daily basis thanks to Nichols School." (Tom Chambers and Anne Ward P'21'23)

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