All Nichols students will have access to opportunities and customized support. This cultivates their emotional intelligence, creates an authentic sense of identity, and allows them to grow to their full academic potential.
Some of the strategies Nichols School is adopting to improve student outcomes are:

DEI Tier
  • Establishing a student support team which consists of our Upper School and Middle School Support Coordinators, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 9th & 10th Grade Team Leader, 11th & 12th Grade Team Leader, Dean of Students, Director of Inclusivity and Community Building, and division heads.
  • Continuing professional development for faculty interpreting and using data to target specific academic needs of all students.
  • Establish faculty growth program to promote inclusive and equitable best practices that improve learning outcomes for all students.
  • Supporting faculty and staff in developing awareness and recognition of implicit bias.
  • Tracking identity-based misconduct and responding with restorative practices to repair relationships.

About Us

Nichols School is a nationally recognized college preparatory coed independent school with a 130-year history.