Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nichols Fund?

The Nichols Fund is a giving drive comprised of yearly gifts from the Nichols community in order to provide student programming to complement academic curriculum, competitive faculty salaries, fine arts supplies, athletic equipment, buildings and grounds maintenance, and advanced studies for faculty, to name a few.

Why do we need to contribute to the Nichols Fund?

Tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating each Nichols student. The cost of tuition covers about 70% of the cost of a Nichols education. The Board of Trustees is committed to keeping tuition at a reasonable level; increasing gift income through The Nichols Fund is one way to accomplish this task. Like all independent schools, Nichols relies on the monetary and volunteer support of its alumni, parents and friends. Unlike a public school, Nichols receives no funds from the government. Tuition income must be supplemented by The Nichols Fund, occasional Capital Campaigns and income from the School’s endowment.

Why does Nichols need my gift?

Nichols is extremely grateful for each donation to The Nichols Fund. Much-needed grants from foundations require a proven record of participation by our constituencies. It is our goal to increase our participation, making us eligible for more grant dollars. The success of these yearly drives is a critical and budgeted component of the School’s ability to operate in a fiscally prudent manner. Every gift, whether small or large, contributes to that margin of excellence so beneficial to our students. Thanks to the generosity of our community, The Nichols Fund has steadily grown over the years. Please help us to continue reaching new heights!

How much should I give and by what means?

Only you can decide how much to give. However, you may wish to know that last year gifts ranged from $25 to $25,000. All contributions are tax deductible according to IRS regulations. Gifts can be made online, by cash, check, credit card or securities. Matching gifts from corporations are encouraged and can even double or triple your gift. Whatever your reason for giving, your gift will be greatly appreciated by our School. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of support.

Can’t my parents or other alumni take care of this? I'll do my part later.

While you were a Nichols student, alumni, parents and friends supported the School so that you could enjoy the benefit of the finest education available. Now, your support can ensure that current and future students are able to experience Nichols as you did. You, along with other alumni, parents and friends, can help preserve the traditions that have made Nichols one of the finest independent schools in the nation.

I'm in college! How do you expect me to make a gift now?

Nichols is not asking for a large gift. A gift starting at a $5 or $10 donation would mean you are participating in The Nichols Fund, which in turn shows your support of Nichols. Alumni participation is crucial, especially as foundations and corporations look at this figure when deciding on supporting the School. Your participation shows you have confidence in your alma mater.

What’s in it for me?

You get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a real contribution to the School – your gift, which may be a sacrifice, shows you care about Nichols. Your gift, along with gifts from thousands of other alumni, makes the School better and, as a result, makes it more competitive and prestigious. This benefits you because it continues to increase the value of your Nichols education. Your name also will be listed among other donors to recognize your support. What you get out of giving is personal, while the School – primarily our students, faculty and programs – gets the support it needs.