Virginia Wettlaufer Tomenson '98

For Virginia Wettlaufer Tomenson ’98, including Nichols in her estate plans is a way of giving back to the school that helped shape the course of her life. Friendships formed as a student propel her to support Nichols, and she hopes that by giving to Nichols others will continue to benefit from the strength of the Nichols community that she values so dearly.

Gina, and her husband Walter Tomenson, live in New York City where she works in business development for Studio Sofield. She feels strongly about supporting Western New York, and in particular Nichols, stating, “Nichols is a defining part of who I am today. While I may not live in Buffalo, Buffalo will always be my home. Since I do not have a physical presence in Buffalo, it is important for me to give back to the infrastructure of the community to ensure continued resources for the future. Supporting Nichols means that I am helping Buffalo's leading independent school to endure for generations to come, giving its students an opportunity to share in the same wonderful experiences I had, and its ability to uphold a continuing tradition of excellence in education.“