Mr. Russell Combs Wins 2018 National History Bee and Bowl Coach of the Year Award

Mr. Russell Combs, Nichols Upper School history teacher and dean, recently won the 2018 National History Bee and Bowl Coach of the Year Award! Russell has been a History Bowl coach since the first year of competition in 2010.

"He is the only coach in the country who has both hosted a tournament and attended our National Championships for each of the first eight years we have administered our events," said David Madden, founder and Executive Director of National History Bee and Bowl.

Mr. Combs' support has enabled scores of students from Nichols School to compete and helped to ensure the success of our Western New York regional tournaments for all competing schools and students in the region. This year, Nichols won a regional title in the Junior Varsity division at the Western New York History Bowl and was one of a handful of schools across the country to qualify four teams for the National Championships.

"We are indebted to Russell for his contributions to the National History Bee and Bowl and are delighted to recognize his support and success," said Madden.

Here are some photos of the Nichols Schools History Bee and Bowl Club traveling to tournaments over the years:

2018 - White House - Colin Brinson, Steven Hall, Matt Roman, Tristan Madden, Ted Chambers, Jackson Glynn, Carson Helmicki, Charles Newman, Olivia Castiglia, Caleb Herskind, Gabe Robare, Michael Fredericks, Michael McClure, Maddie Tucker, Marie Nercessian, Dora Paolini, Nate Thompson, Bradley Castiglia

2016 - Space Shuttle Discovery at the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport -
Natalie Jusko, Colin Brinson, Peter Najdzionek,Space Shuttle Discovery, Michael Fredericks, Michael Franz, Jack DiBenedetto, Cavan Derrigan, Alex LaHood

2015 - Sebby Berberich, Patrick DiTondo, John Carney, Bradley Castiglia, Matt DiTondo, Colin Brinson, Peter Najdzionek, Alex Fisher - Group at Gettysburg

2013 - Alex Aylward, Jason Zhou, Anya Shulman, Kenneth Lipke

2011 - Anya Schulman, Nick Osinski, Patrick Thompson, Nick Shea, Jason Zhou

At Mt. Vernon