Nichols Virtual School and COVID-19 Updates

Nichols School moved to distance learning on Wednesday, March 18 due to the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. Students, teachers and staff are collaborating over a learning management system, MySchoolApp, at this time. The school has set up a resources and updates page to continue to communicate the latest updates about virtual school at Nichols.


This page is also a constantly-evolving resource as faculty and staff add new content each day to stimulate new ideas and maintain engagement with students. Updates from local, state and federal health authorities regarding COVID-19 can also be found here.

In this virtual environment, Nichols School has continued its mission to prepare minds, bodies and hearts for the work of life by supporting students each step of the way. From academics and advisories to college counseling, wellness and more, a well-rounded school experience is being shared with the students each day.

Students and parents can also find more relevant information for virtual school under "Nichols Virtual School and COVID-19 Updates" in the Resources tab on MySchoolApp.

Thank you to every member of our community who has contributed to our virtual learning environment to make this a smooth transition for our students!