Nichols Students Attend Education Collaborative of WNY Diversity Conference

nichols school education collaborative of wny

Earlier this month, a group of Nichols Upper School students and faculty attended a diversity, equity and inclusion conference organized by the Education Collaborative of WNY (EdCo) and East Ed. The event was presented by Niagara University's Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Center for Race, Equality, and Mission as part of a two-day series of community meetings.

More than 150 students from EdCo member schools with diverse identities came together at Niagara University's Bisgrove Hall on November 6. The group participated in exercises and discussions to understand more about themselves and their group identities, while also learning ways to lead discussions with others on topics of equity, stereotypes and prejudice.

Discussions at the conference at Niagara University were led by Elizabeth Denevi, director of East Ed, a nonprofit organization centered around the pursuit of academic excellence via equitable teaching practices and healthy school climates.