Nichols Robotics Team Wins Chairman's Award at Montreal Competition

Nichols Upper School's Robotics Team, Electric Mayhem, competed in Montreal's FIRST Robotics Competition this weekend. Electric Mayhem's 150 lb robot, nicknamed Dr. Julius Strangepork, is the team's most successful and innovative robot yet, standing out for consistent and excellent climbing ability and the ease with which it can handle large cargo pieces. Here's a look at Julius:

From team leader Mr. Phil Coburn: The team finished the round robin portion of the tournament in 6th place out of 41 teams. They were picked to be on the Second Alliance, and progressed to the semi-finals before being knocked out in two very close matches.

The team's teachers and mentors were incredibly proud of the work the students put in before and during this competition.

  • Twelve students led by Rohan Kalra, Lauren Radford, Emmy Franz, Luke Blandino, Yamato Takabe and Lilly Supples showed off cool tech projects built by Nichols students past and present, including a Lego Great Ball Machine, Howard the Fish Robot, a robotic hand and a mini-arcade simulator.
  • Colin Brinson led eighteen students and scouted our opponents, while Marcus Roberts analyzed the data collected with his custom spreadsheet to plot out strategy.
  • Rohit Rachala and Allen Potter were our pit safety captains and battery czars.
  • The drive team of Malina Dittmer and Yohan Davis, directed by coach Lauren Paradis and assisted by human players Sydney Wingard and Ben Robare and technician Arnav Parashar piloted the robot through ten qualification and four playoff matches.
  • Finally, our five Chairman's Award representatives, Carson Helmicki, Kayla Ricks, Anu Kumar, Julia Yohe and Patty O'Donnell planned and executed our presentation to the judges panel and spoke to wandering judges in our pit area all weekend long.

The culmination of all of this hard work was winning the competition's top prize, the Chairman's Award, acknowledging the team's sustained commitment to building a better local community and world. Here's the chairman's video:

With this award, the Robotics Team qualifies to compete at the World Championships in Detroit in April!

Special thanks to our volunteer team mentors: Gary Britton, Mo Elhelw, Jon Kiddy, Darren Polkowski, Arianna Rothfuss, Dillan Sayers and Tamara Stephen.