Musical Moment with Michael McClure '20

Last Friday, Nichols School junior Michael McClure performed a piece by Frédéric Chopin for his fellow students, faculty and staff.

From Michael: "Frédéric Chopin composed the Ballade in F major, Op. 38, his second of four, between 1836 and 1839. The ballade opens with a beautiful, lyrical melodic line. This motive provided the initial inspiration for me to learn this piece. The rest of the piece, however, contains great technical challenges for the performer; the original melody, now embellished, returns as an interlude between the faster sections. After a dramatic and demanding coda, the piece closes with a sombre restatement of the original theme."

"I have always loved this piece and decided to begin working on it over the summer. It was a privilege to perform it for the ever-supportive Nichols audience!"