Faculty Friday Features: Mrs. Deb Howe!

This Faculty Friday we are featuring Mrs. Deb Howe, Middle School English teacher! Mrs. Howe reveals her hidden talent, which fictional character she would like to meet in real life, and why she loves Nichols.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do outside of school?
Mrs. Howe: Bring a stack of books home from the library. Find a comfy chair. Read.

Q: What's the most exotic place(s) you've traveled to?
Mrs. Howe: I think I traveled more freely when I was younger. Memorable moments: 1976 Riding buses in Kyoto with my mom, watching street signs and the map to figure out our stop. 1984 Visiting Stonehenge on a rainy day in December when there were no tourists and no fences. My friend and I climbed on the rocks and pretended to be sacrifices. 1984 Arriving in Jerusalem the day after Christmas and standing on a wall overlooking the old city and hearing the calls to prayer. 2002 Watching the Magic Flute ad Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm. Because the theater was closed for over 100 years, they preserved and still use the 18th century mechanical sets. There were windows open in the back of the auditorium and ghosts of performances past breathed around me.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
Mrs. Howe: I am an incredibly neat and efficient painter of rooms. I'm just really indecisive when I'm picking colors.

Q: If you could meet any fictional character in real life, who would it be and why?
Mrs. Howe: Like Anne (of Green Gables), I am looking for a kindred spirit. Perhaps mine is Francie from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn who tried to read every book in the library from A-Z. I thought that was a pretty amazing idea and began reading juvenile fiction starting with the A's at Wayzata Public Library. When I was stuck in the B's (with L. Frank Baum's Oz books) and wanted to read something in the M's, I quit.

Q: Why do you teach?
Mrs. Howe: I tell my students that I became an English teacher because I like to read and talk, and teaching allows me to do both. I love the hope and possibility that each fall is a new year with new chances. I love the energy of spending my days with kids. I love that I can read a story 30 times and students will discover something new. I love how they reveal themselves in their writing and that their voices can make me smile or cry.

Q: Why do you love Nichols?
Mrs. Howe: I'm continually inspired and occasionally intimidated by the intelligence and creativity around me. When my husband and I moved to Buffalo 27 years ago, we knew no one, and it soon became clear that Nichols is what would make Buffalo our home. Whatever I need-a movie review, home repair advice, a listening ear, an amusing distraction-I need only ask, and there are people offering. And of course, Nichols became a huge part of my children's lives and who they are (Alex Regan '12 and Rebecca Regan '15).