Abhi Kumar '18 Presents at Academic Surgical Congress

Last summer, Nichols School senior Abhinav (Abhi) Kumar '18 was involved with a research project at Roswell Park Cancer Institute under Dr. Yendamuri, and his abstract was selected for conference presentation. Abhi analyzed data from the National Cancer Database with cancer data from different patients, clinical stages and details of their cancer. He was selected to present his findings at the 2018 Academic Surgical Congress (ASC) conference in Jacksonville, Florida on January 30, 2018.

The ASC is a gathering place for surgeon-scientists offering opportunities for scientific exchange and networking with peers. Each year, the ASC provides education programming in basic science, education, health policy, outcomes research, global health, leadership, and many other topics relevant to academic surgery. Abhi was only the third high school student in the history of the conference to be able to present his findings.

Additionally, Abhi has also researched at Buffalo General Hospital under Dr. Iyer and Dr. Sawant. They conducted data collection and analysis based on catheter research and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Abhi did reviews of the Seattle heart failure model and compared it with the accuracy of model to outcomes of patients who went through TAVR. His work was presented in Florida by the research team.