2019-20 Alumni Speaker Series Opens with Metzger '73, Sacca '97

nichols school alumni speaker series

Nichols School alumni move into the world prepared for professional challenges and personal growth while giving back to their community. This year, Nichols has launched the Alumni Speaker Series, which will feature monthly appearances from alumni to discuss their career path, lessons they have learned after graduation and memories from their time at Nichols during morning meetings.

Throughout the series, students can expect to hear from alumni who found their passions across a wide range of industries, from the arts to the sciences, business, athletics and more.

nichols school alumni speaker series steve metzger

Steve Metzger '73 opened the Alumni Speaker Series on September 30 discussing his expertise in geological research and his work in measuring dust devil sediment loading and flux. He discussed the scientific process behind his research, as well as some behind-the-scenes memories that show what field work is like on a day-to-day basis.

nichols school alumni speaker series brian sacca

Brian Sacca '97 visited the school on Friday with a comedic question-and-answer session about his work as an actor, writer and producer for both film and TV productions as well as digital content shows. He shared lessons about responsibility in storytelling, being true to yourself, and the importance of "pausing before you post" on social media and online. Sacca wrote the film Buffaloed which will play Sunday at the Buffalo International Film Festival. Sacca is most widely known for his roles as Robbie Feinberg in Martin Scorsese's award-winning 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street and as Danny on the TBS comedy Wrecked.

After his presentation, Sacca visited with students in Kristen Kelley's advanced acting class and Andrea Mancuso's filmmaking class, where he discussed creativity and how he combats writer's block, how relationships were key in every role he landed, and the personal growth you find by creating your own content.

nichols school brian sacca actor writer

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