Named Scholarships

Nichols School is extremely fortunate to have many named endowment funds, known as Named Scholarship Funds, established by alumni and friends of the School to support our financial aid program. Below is a listing of the funds that we have in existence.

*Denotes annual gifts versus endowed funds.

The 1892 Scholarship

Established in 1997 by the Board of Trustees, this need-based scholarship is awarded to a young person of ability who has yet to demonstrate his or her full potential. This opportunity reaches out to the students at the margin, who we hope will discover that the demands of the Nichols School curriculum and its faculty will bring out his or her untapped talents. This one-year, non-renewable scholarship is designated for a candidate for the Upper School who demonstrates financial need.

Oliver G. and Sarah Sloan Bauman Fund*

Established in 1998 at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, this fund provides an annual grant for students demonstrating need and taking Latin.

Boocock Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of Philip M. B. Boocock, alumnus and Headmaster of Nichols for over 35 years, the need-based scholarship also received memorial gifts for Philip’s brother William Boocock in 1984.

Castiglia Family Scholarship Fund

The Castiglia Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 by the Joseph "Jerry" and Barbara Castiglia family. This fund provides need-based grants to deserving and qualified students who are selected pursuant to Nichols School policies for admission and tuition aid.

Keith Celniker '84 Memorial Fund

Established in honor of Keith Celniker ’84, who died on the eve of his graduation from Nichols, this need-based scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who demonstrates many of Keith's outstanding attributes.

Cullen Foundation*

The Cullen Foundation seeks to assist families of high-achieving students to mitigate the financial challenges of attaining a private middle school and high school education through the Cullen Scholars program. The program provides access to private schools with preference given to students of color. Cullen Scholars will be selected based on academic achievement, financial need and character.

Kaitlin Donahoe '09 Scholarship Fund

The Kaitlin Donahoe ’09 Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 by the Donahoe family. This need-based scholarship was developed in order to provide a female student-athlete the opportunity to attend and contribute to the Nichols School. The recipient must be an above average student who demonstrates a commitment to community service work and to participating in at least two sports. The recipient must embody outstanding character, strong work ethic and leadership ability. Although not required, preference will be given to an applicant proficient in basketball and with interest in either soccer or lacrosse.

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Matthew Donahoe '08 Scholarship Fund

The Matthew Donahoe ‘08 Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 by the Donahoe family to support a male student with demonstrated financial need and a commitment to community service. This need-based scholarship will be awarded to an above average student who is committed to his studies in all disciplines and his athletic goals in at least two sports. Preference will be given to applicants proficient in golf and have interest in either baseball or basketball.


Eames and Guida Donaldson Scholarship Fund

Established by the family of Eames and Guida Donaldson, this endowed scholarship is awarded each year to a recipient based on financial need and overall contributions to the school community.

Duffy-Leahy Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1999 through the One Community Campaign, this fund is in memory of Charles G. Duffy, Jr. and Virginia Leahy Duffy, and designed to support students of color, preferably Buffalo Prep graduates, who meet the Nichols School admissions criteria and demonstrate financial need.

Neil Farmelo Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by Neil Farmelo when he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Pursuant to Neil's hope to enrich Nichols students' campus experience by encouraging social and economical diversity, this scholarship is awarded to non-legacy students who qualify for financial aid.

Walter Goldstein '48 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1992 through the estate of Walter J. Goldstein ’48, it was Walter’s wish that a need-based scholarship fund be set up for a deserving student who might not otherwise be able to afford the tuition, in hopes of giving that student a start on life, similar to the start Walter so appreciated.

The Habib Family Scholarship

Established in 2017 to help provide assistance and support for students of color who meet the Nichols School admissions criteria and demonstrate financial need.

Harbourton Scholars Program*

Established in 2007, the Harbourton Scholars Program provides financial assistance to qualified applicants in grades 5-12, who would be unable to attend Nichols School without such financial assistance.

Hardner Family Scholarship*

Established in 2011 to help provide assistance and support for a student of color who meets the Nichols School admissions criteria and demonstrates financial need.

Harry Hayes Scholarship

This Named Scholarship will be granted to an African American student who demonstrates promise of high academic achievement. The Harry Hayes Scholarship will provide a full‐tuition need-based award including all associated curricular and extra‐curricular fees. The recipient will carry this prestigious award throughout his/her Nichols career.

Henrich Scholarship

Established in 1973, this is an endowed need-based scholarship fund created by Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Henrich and their son, John Henrich ’59. John is a former Trustee of Nichols and John is an alumnus, a former Trustee and father of four Nichols graduates. This scholarship is given to a female in the Upper School based on financial need, integrity and contributions of the student.

John Henry '57 Scholarship Fund*

Established in September 2005, John Henry ’57 makes an annual contribution for four years to fund the tuition for a student of color who demonstrates financial need, preferably enrolling in the Middle School.

Dwight D. Hopkins Scholarship Fund

Established to honor Dwight Hopkins ’49, President of the Alumni Board and father of three Nichols graduates, this need-based scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated financial need and has contributed to the School in both academics and athletics.

HSBC Scholarship Fund

Established as part of the One Community Campaign by HSBC, out of their Western New York headquarters, this need-based scholarship is dedicated to provide tuition aid to students of color at Nichols School.

Dudley M. Irwin, III '45 Scholarship

Established in memory of Dudley M. Irwin, III ’45, by his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dudley M. Irwin, Jr. and a group of his friends, this need-based scholarship recognizes an Upper School student who has financial need and who has shown talent in academics and extra-curricular activities at Nichols.

Jay Kahle Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1979, in memory of Jay Kahle ’52, the need-based scholarship is awarded annually to an Upper School student with average grades who demonstrates those qualities and characteristics that Jay’s family and friends admired in him – leadership, athletic ability, determination, courage, sense of humor and a desire to succeed.

Louise Belcher Keiser Scholarship

Established by in 2012, in memory of Louise B. Keiser, this four-year college scholarship is awarded to a young lady in the Nichols School senior class who demonstrates those qualities and characteristics that Louise’s family and friends admired in her. Louise was a bright, curious, athletic and purposeful woman who touched the lives of many.

This endowed renewable $10,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a young woman in the Nichols senior class based on financial need and overall contributions to the School community. Eligible students are Nichols seniors who plan to attend an accredited college or university, have a minimum of a B average, and demonstrate economic need.

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In order to be considered for the Louise B. Keiser Scholarship, you must submit the following by Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Seymour H. Knox Scholarship Fund

Established in 1988 by Seymour H. Knox ’15, this need-based scholarship is in recognition of both his philanthropy and his inestimable contribution to the artistic richness and prominence in this community. It is awarded to students who show promise in the arts.

Christian D. Laettner '88 Scholarship Fund

Established by Christian Laettner ’88, this need-based scholarship’s purpose is assisting a deserving student in good standing. One student will be awarded a four-year scholarship.

Judgy Lytle '64 Scholarship Fund

Established to honor Judgy Lytle ’64, who died in 1965, this fund was started by a group of his friends to provide needed financial aid for an entering ninth grader. The recipients must be able students with a capacity for excellence when inspired, an enthusiastic athlete, and a loyal and sympathetic friend.

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Grace McKendry Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in October 2007 to honor the memory of local artist and Nichols longtime art teacher, Grace McKendry, this need-based scholarship is to be awarded to an incoming 9th grader who shows talent in the visual arts, including painting, sculpture, graphics and drawing. Applicants will be asked to submit an art portfolio and/or recommendations from teachers.

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Allen E. Neil Scholarship Fund

Established by Mr. Allen Neil and his son, Kenneth ’61, this endowed need-based scholarship fund provides financial assistance to a deserving student or students.

Dr. & Mrs. Oscar J. Oberkircher Scholar

Established in 1978, this endowed need-based scholarship was created by Flora Oberkircher and her sons, Oscar R. ’54 and Paul ’51, in memory of Dr. Oscar J. Oberkircher.

Oishei Scholarship Program*

Established by The Oishei Foundation, the Oishei Scholarship Program assists Buffalo area students of color who desire to obtain an education at a private high school. This four-year full tuition scholarship is awarded to one incoming freshman, based upon consideration of need, merit and potential for success.

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Vincent H. (Jim) Palisano Scholars*

Established in 1974 by the trustees of the Vincent H. (Jim) Palisano Foundation, this scholarship is based on financial need.

Reader's Digest Scholarship Fund

Established in 1976 by DeWitt Wallace, founder of The Reader’s Digest, this endowed need-based scholarship, is to be awarded to two or three students from middle income families.

Clark T. Roberts '14 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1995 through the estate of Mary Roberts, this need-based scholarship provides financial aid to deserving students who express interest in athletics.

Christopher Cole Scheu '75 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1985 by the Scheu family and friends, following the death of Chris Scheu ’75, an outstanding member of the class, this need-based scholarship is given to a freshman student who has demonstrated interest in community service, the arts and science.

Robert & Martha Scheu Memorial Scholarship

The Robert and Martha Scheu Endowment in the Humanities includes a need-based scholarship for a student who, through the Nichols curriculum, demonstrates exceptional promise in the humanities.

Schneckenburger Scholarship

This fund was created in memory of Mr. Philip M. Schneckenburger '32 by his family in 2009. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who qualifies for financial need and who shows a special interest in, propensity for and demonstrated talent in music with a specific interest in pursuing engagement in the Nichols School music program.

Robert L. Stone Family Scholarship Fund

Established in 2000, this fund provides a need-based scholarship to students in the Upper School who strive to be the best they can be in the classroom, the Nichols community, and in sports, within and outside of school.

G. Robert Strauss, Jr. '79 Scholarship Award

Presented annually at Awards Day, this need-based award is given to a junior who exemplifies the characteristics most remembered in Bob Strauss ’79: a commitment to community service, academic growth and athletic participation.

The Subramanian Family Scholarship

Established in 2017 to help provide assistance and support for a student of color who meet the Nichols School admissions criteria and demonstrate financial need.

Sullivan Family Scholarship

This four-year need based scholarship was established by the Sullivan Family to provide financial aid to a student who has shown talent in academics, possesses a positive attitude, demonstrates leadership qualities and will contribute to the Nichols athletic program.

Joseph Takats Scholarship

Established by Joe Takats ’35, this need-based scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated financial need and who contributes to the quality of life at Nichols.

The Walsh Family Scholarship

Established through The Campaign for Nichols School by members of the Walsh family, this fund was designed to provide financial aid for a successful student who demonstrates need and has made a strong contribution to the Nichols School community.

Western New York Scholarship Fund

Established in the early 1970s, The Western New York Foundation started a loan fund that provided small loans to families. In 2005, the funds were transferred to create a need-based scholarship fund to support students from middle income families, perhaps alumni children or those families with more that one child at Nichols.

Edward G. Zeller, Jr. Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Edward G. Zeller, the fund is used to support a deserving student who qualifies for need-based financial aid.

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