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Nichols School is pleased to offer three international exchange opportunities to China, France, and Spain. These exchanges are open to all students, grades 9-12, regardless of their language of study. This is a great opportunity for our students to experience a new culture firsthand, go on an adventure, and practice the foreign language they study at school. Through hosting, our students expand their understanding of another culture as well as their own, and learn a great deal about themselves.

For more information about our exchange programs, please explore the links below and to the right. We hope to see you in one of our exchanges soon!

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  • Why travel with one of our exchanges?

    Here are some great reasons to go on an exchange regardless of the foreign language you study:
    • Experience firsthand the culture in China, France, and Spain: food, music, sports, nature, art, architecture, geography, cultural norms, history, etc.
    • Travel with friends and make new ones!
    • Go on an adventure! Traveling will put you in brand new situations that will help you build character and give you great stories to share.
    • Gain a different perspective: Learning about another culture will shed light on aspects of your own language and culture that you may not have previously considered.
    • Draw on your travel experience for your college essay or senior thesis!
    In addition, if you study Chinese, French, or Spanish, there are extra benefits:
    • Make a life-long friend with a native Chinese, French, or Spanish speaker with whom to practice the language and visit.
    • Improve your listening, reading, and speaking skills in an immersion context.
    • Boost your confidence! The sense of accomplishment you will feel when conversing with native speakers is without equal.
    Do not miss out on this unique opportunity!
  • Contact

    Laura Arribas
    Director of Exchanges - France Group Leader

    Benjamin Gerhardt
    Department Chair - Spain Group Leader

    Yajie Zhang
    Upper School Chinese Teacher - China Group Leader

    Ron Montesano
    Upper School Spanish Teacher - Costa Rica Group Leader
  • Forms

For any questions please contact:

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