Nichols School Art Gallery

Eternal Flame
artwork by Nando Alvarez-Perez

January 21, 2019  – April 12, 2020

An opening reception will be held on January 29th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Artist Statement

Eternal Flame is an exhibition inspired by #VSCOgirls, nostalgia, and the eternal recurrence of consumer trends. Made with Nichols students in mind, the exhibition focuses on the earliest of adolescent aesthetic encounters: the whisper of the infinite in a "stussy-S", the grim reality of a lucky rabbit’s foot, the beauty of a good boondoggle. 

The exhibition includes photos and drawings covered in doodles, sketches, patterns, and stickers. The works are pierced and accessorized with drooping chains that are bejeweled with charms, keychain bling, Croc Jibbetz, jewelry, scrunchies, boondoggle, and Tamagotchis. Students are invited to keep the digital pets alive through the exhibition. The digitally manipulated and accessorized pieces sit atop wallpapered photographs. Additionally, in several windows are doodles lasercut into acrylic. As the sun shines through the windows, the pieces and the hallway will change throughout the day.

Artist Bio

Nando Alvarez-Perez is an artist and educator based in Buffalo, NY. In 2014 he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute where he was awarded the Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Photography. Since then his work has been exhibited throughout the Bay Area and internationally, most recently at the Drake Hotel in Toronto and as part of the inaugural edition of the Radial Survey biennial at the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, NY. He has taught at the California College of the Arts, the Visual Studies Workshop, and Alfred University. He is the co-founder and co-director of The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art and Editor-in-chief of Cornelia magazine.

The show is free, open to the public and sponsored by the Colby Art Fund | Art Gallery hours are by appointment only.
Please call Stephanie Angelakos at 716.332.5154 to schedule a visit.