Where can Nichols students travel?
Our students have an amazing opportunity to take part in International Exchanges with four schools located throughout the globe. Nichols has maintained an exchange program with the Institute Saint Joseph in LeHavre, France for 30 years, with Costa Rican schools for over 15 years and with the Institutos Jovellanos y Jimena in Gijon, Spain for over five years. The program in Wuhan, China began in 2009, making it the latest addition to the Nichols cultural exchange curriculum.
What is a Cultural Exchange?
In the Upper School, the visiting students live for three weeks in the homes of our students, attend classes at Nichols and the School arranges various visits to places of interest in the Western New York area. Some sites include a tour of Buffalo’s architecture, museum visits, a trip to Niagara Falls and more.

During our spring break, the Nichols students travel to visit the exchange students. They stay with host families, attend regular classes with their exchange student and learn about the history, geography, culture and language of the host country. While the Nichols students are living with the host families, they are completely immersed in the target language, and must use their language skills to communicate with the family and with the community.

We expect our families to provide a comfortable and caring environment to host our exchange students in their homes. They supply daily meals and provide transportation to and from school. The host families have a great deal of support from Nichols throughout the process to ensure a pleasant and enriching experience.
International Exchange Blogs
While abroad, students and faculty share experiences in their respective countries, cities and cultural environments. Click the links below to read the social media updates from the 2013-2014 exchanges!